Private Lessons

Location: Public skate park of your choice and/or nearby blacktop.

A private lesson is an excellent way to get your leg up with every fundamental pertaining to skateboarding. With safe and guided instructing your child will learn safety precautions, methods of pushing, stopping, and so much more. With eagle-like supervision, your child will have 100% support every push of the way.





Birthday Party Events

Location: Your house? Skate park? We do it all.

Birthday parties held with us at Go Go Skateboarding Lessons will be sure to have one of the most memorable birthday parties EVER. With an agenda that accommodates every skill level along with skateboarding equipment provided, we’ll be geared up for an outing unlike any other.




After School Skateboarding Program

Location: On school campus

Our mission is to give back to the community by offering skateboard lessons in efforts of passing on what we have learned and show kids a healthy new activity they might not have considered in the past. We will be on campus with a skateboarding program fit for all skateboarding levels and abilities led by favored Go Go Skateboarding instructors and sponsored skateboarders.




Lunchtime Demonstrations

Location: Local blacktop.

Go Go Skateboarding Lessons offers a spectacular demonstration showcasing raw skateboard talent. With a commentator on site, we’ll fire up the crowd and exemplify how not giving up and being confident will help us reach our goals.



STEP ONE: Give us a call at (408) 332-8419 to set up an appointment.

STEP TWO: Print, read, and sign WAIVER. (submit in person at first lesson)

STEP THREE: See you there!